7 Smart and Easy After Party Home Clean Up Ideas

One of the least pleasant domestic cleaning tasks is tidying up after a party. Behind your guests is reciprocal to the fun you had last night, it often seems that the mess left. Even though everyone had equal amounts of fun, it feels almost unfair as that the cleaning is only up to you.

Do not despair, if you have no idea where to start but make sure you have a battery backpack vacuum cleaner in your home! A simple and hassle-free cleaning guide, as domestic cleaning experts have concocted the perfect remedy to your after-party blues!

1. Start with the lounge room

You want to start from the room where the party “happened”, usually the living room. Getting over the hurdle of where most of the party activities took place is both practical and encouraging – after all, nothing can be worse than this room, right? So grab your bin and vacuum cleaner and get to work. First, throw away the larger pieces of garbage, wraps, and plastics and send them on their way.

Then, spend the next couple of minutes vacuuming the furniture with the help of battery powered backpack vacuum cleaner and finish with the floors. As you move around the living room, try to “inspect” the damage, looking for spills or crumbs stuck in awkward to reach corners or furniture.

2. Be on the lookout for stains

If there was any alcohol present, you can bet that there will be at least one stain. Tipsy people often get clumsy and end up spilling drinks, whether on themselves, their friends or, in the worst-case scenario – your furniture. Should you notice any spots, treat them immediately.

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The longer you wait, the worse the situation will become, as they will have even more time to seep deep into the fabrics of your precious upholstery and carpets.

3. Disinfect your bathroom

As unpleasant as it may seem, the bathroom comes next. Regardless of how tame your party might’ve been, there still were multiple outsiders using the bathroom at different times during the event and this always warrants a cleaning session! Give everything a thorough sweep, disinfecting any surfaces and washing where you see fit.

4. Put your towels in the washing machine

Seriously, all of your towels have to get washed, no matter how good your friends are at keeping things clean. You do not want random germs and bacteria lingering on trusty pieces of cloth that you normally allow to touch your hands and face. Gather anything that was left out for public use and chuck it right in the washing machine.

5. Check your bedroom

Finally, go through your bedroom(s). If anything has been slept in, take the linens off and give them a deep wash. If you find the aftermath of any incidents, you will also want to clean your mattress, with the use of battery operated backpack vacuum cleaner.

6. Check out the kitchen

Whatever you do just gathered everything in the kitchen – empty the half-filled glasses and together with all the vessels and bottles put them on the counter. Then collect as much of them as it is possible and put them into the dishwasher, but be sure that you have filled as many dishes as the dishwasher can contain.

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There is no point in repeating the loading if it can be avoided. Also washing the dishes right after the party will help you miss the part with the very unpleasant smells and odors in the morning.

7. Use disposal bags
After you have done this, take some plastic bags and fill them with all the garbage that has left after the party. Start from one place and don’t go to gather up at others if you haven’t finished with it. You will convince yourself that it’s a lot more effective than to collect first the bigger things which have caught your eye. While working, try to center the clutter at the kitchen. And don’t forget to take out the garbage as soon as it is possible, because this is in order to prevent the appearing of any odors and leaks.

That’s all you have to do in the evening and after one refreshing and long sleep take care of your home in the morning. Deal with the dusting and vacuuming with the help of commercial battery backpack vacuum finishing the tidy process at the place, but don’t forget one simple thing – when you are cleaning work your way toward the kitchen.

That will help you systematize your efforts and activities and will definitely help you not to disturb yourself with cleaning unimportant things at your home or even starting completely different things like reordering the contents of some cupboards.

Remember that this cleaning is only for removing the results of the last night party and if you want to do it right, try not to forget the main goal. You have to clean the kitchen last if you want to finish everything at once. After all the vessels are washed, all the surfaces are disinfected and the entire garbage is taken off the house you can congratulate yourself with the perfectly done job.

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