Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat’s Verzuz’s 11 R&Best Moments

Who’s the R&B King? Although the argument may never end, Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat are at the top. This Thursday (1 July) night, the two crooners brought the lumps and the sex appeal to the stage in Verzuz. This evening’s performance included a music directed by DJ Cassidy, in conjunction with the ESSENCE Culture Festival, presented by Coca Cola. The opening mix includes the songs of Al B. Sure! “Nite and Day,” TLC’s “Baby, Baby, Baby,” Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away,” Shanice’s “I Love Your Smile” and many more.

During the opening presentation, Nike played a Sha’Carri Richardson ad with an inspiring message to inspire everyone to chase their goals and take on their personality. It seemed natural that the guys at night are in similar, yet entirely distinct settings.


1. Setting

Royalty is worth sitting on thrones. While Keith Sweat was calm and sitting on his black leather throne, Brown got up on his first song ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ from his seat, performing fully – including rap. He even struck the wop before Keith said to him playfully, “Don’t be injured now.”

2. Screaming Diddy

“I’m going to take here a snack from this Ciroc. I have to scream to Puff right now while I do it,” remarked Sweat while he was taking a fast swig. “Puff!” Brown co-signed Bobby. After the interview, Craig Mack’s “Flava In Your Ear (Remix)” was nodded to Diddy by a Harlemite gentleman, before he played “I Want Her.” Then the lines of a late rapper, “I’m girls screaming like I’m Keith,” were played. And Sweat reminisced in his last recognition on the youthful Sean Combs’ appointment as an intern to Uptown Records while applauding the achievements of the now-Mogul.

3. Moments of the New Edition

Brown wasn’t playing fair there. He delved in the New Edition bag early to get fans back when the original bad boy of R&B was initially fallen in love. “Mr. Telephone Man” was the first NE song to play alongside “Jealous Girls” before Brown continued.

4. The Seductive Moment

Sweat maintained it playa and slick as she took her way into “how deep is your love” after a fast time trip where everyone spoke on cable phones all night. While its opponent struggled to get his breath, the NY crooner stood up and ordered the stage to entice the live audience and watchers at home with its presence and silky R&B hands.

5. Those we lost in remembrance: Whitney Houston and Left Eye

When Sweat pulled the integrated hip hop “how do you like it,” he acknowledged the late rapper Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez who had a verse on the tune. Brown was also unable to draw his biggest successes without his late Whitney Houston, “Something In Common.” When Sweat joined in singing, the two men showed The Voice due respect.

6. The Art of Begging A Lesson

“I become emotional. I love to beg. I love to beg. They’re saying I’m begging, you know,” Sweat stated at the end of “Right and A Wrong.” “Nothing is wrong with begging,” Bobby Brown interjected. If I can plead, let me see.” Then he dropped “Hit Me Off” from the New Edition. Do you recall the “Family Matters” episode when they played this song? A moment! A moment! It even inspired a Sweat cover.

7. Display vocals

Fans grabbed the IG comments and the Twitter timeline to ask why the song was removed in the “Get Up On It” female group of 90’s Kut Klose right before Sweat’s show. When the live voices were heard, it became apparent why. The OGs must sometimes remind us why they’ve been around for so long – Mr. Sweat still has it! Brown did his thing as he performed the hook of the 2005 “Beautiful” Damien Marley.

8. Changes to the outfit

After announcing a five-minute interval, fans wondered if the duo would return to the stage, but when they returned, it was worth waiting. In the first round, we both wore black but Sweats wore a baby blue satin Chinese cut blazer without a shirt, white trousers and white leather loafers while “The Kang” was holding the red leather button, a few new Jordan 5’s and a fitting cap.

9. From balladers to entrepreneurs

Over the years, both artists have developed their empires through different business efforts such as reality television to songwriting and internet programming. So it wasn’t surprising to advertise their “Sweat All Night Candles” and Bobby Brown’s BBQ sauce product lines. Boss Talk. Boss Talk.


10. Draked up and out 10.

Sweat already proven his Pop Culture status when he was playing his name in the ’90s sample, but then digged in his new millennium suitcase and played the phrase from “All Me” when the OVO rapper declared, “I am the light skinned Keith Sweat. I make it last forever,” which was the ideal segment for the original music. Blown mind. Blown mind.


11. Tank and Pleasure Surprise Ending P

Singers Tank and Pleasure P have taken the stage for an unforgettable pop-up for a surprise grand finale. In “Nobody,” Sweat turned the mike over to Tank, who displayed its dynamic range from high notes to lower tones. In the meantime, Pleasure P got stuck in the mind and began singing in front of Tank. The singer “When We” instructed Pretty Ricky at a funny time: “Sing to them, don’t sing it to me,” which threw the internet into a giggling and collective emoji. The night finished with Brown singing “My Prerogative” before DJ Cassidy brought us home. What a wonderful night for the monarchs of R&B, Black culture and Black!

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