5 Benefits You Get While Torrenting With the Use of Seedbox

Torrenting is fun if we keep all the challenges aside. Unfortunately, torrent users have to deal with numerous issues using home network connectivity. From bandwidth capping to security threats, there are several concerns related to torrenting activities.

However, you can overcome all of them with the help of the best seedbox. Seedbox is a remotely hosted server that sets up a high-speed secure connection to download and upload digital files over the P2P network. Torrent users get loaded benefits with the installation of seedbox.

It is packed with features that aim to make torrenting experience the best. Even if you get a cheap running seedbox, you are bound to enjoy relentless overall torrenting. Also, many seedbox providers offer different ranges of hosting plans that can fit every user’s requirements.

Below we have enumerated some of the top benefits of using a seedbox while torrenting. Continue to read till the end to learn all about it.

1. High-Speed Downloads Uploads

The greatest issue that torrent users face while torrenting is the slow speed that makes it extremely difficult to download and seed huge sized torrent files. Plus, with bandwidth capping it becomes next to impossible to accomplish this task. But with the use of seedbox you can conveniently overcome slow speed issues over home network connectivity.

Seedbox allows users to download and seed files at an incredibly blazing-fast speed that ranges between 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. You will be able to seed your torrent files or download any files from online within a few minutes. If you are tight on budget then even with a cheap seedbox you can get incredible speed.

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One of the many reasons why torrenters rely on the use of seedbox is because of high-speed downloads uploads.

2. Helps to Sustain Good Ratio

Every torrent user understands the importance of keeping and maintaining a good ratio in the private trackers community. With a good ratio you get to enjoy several benefits of torrenting such as early access to new torrents, small sized torrent files, invites from quality torrent communities and more.

With the help of seedbox you can achieve good ratio balance as it allows you to seed and download files at faster speed that ultimately reduces your upload and download time. Hence, helps you in maintaining good ratio balance.
You get to enjoy the privilege of being a member of a torrenting private community none other than the use of a premium quality seedbox.

3. Safe & Secure Torrenting

Another prime challenge that the torrent users deal with, is the unsecure torrent portals where security threats are incredibly high. When torrenting online using your home network, your IP address is completely exposed to others which can make you an easy target for hacks and online scams.

Also, your ISP constantly monitors your activities that also includes torrent activities. Some ISP’ s may even block you access to torrent sites to impose their restrictions. But seedbox can improve your situation and provide you ultimate security.

Seedbox masks your home IP address that makes you literally anonymous online. Not even your ISP can track your activities giving you full security and safety while torrenting. Also, several seedbox providers also come with OpenVPN services that further increases your privacy and security.

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4. Direct Streaming of Media Contents

Seedbox doesn’t only benefit the user’s by offering features that fixes the issues of torrenting but also amplifies the overall torrenting experience. The best seedbox brands have pre-installed media streaming applications that allow users to stream media contents directly from seedbox.

With apps like Plex or Kodi, one can transform their remote hosting server into a media streaming server. Giving you access to maintain a media library and several other streaming features, you can enjoy premium quality streaming with a seedbox.

5. Extra Storage Space

Seedbox also gives you the benefit of extra storage space where you can save and keep your downloaded torrent files. Some of the hosting plans even offer you unlimited storage space. However, you may have to splurge for them.
The issue of limited space will be no longer to complain once you get hold of a premium quality seedbox.


So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the above enumerated incredible benefits while torrenting by bringing home and using a seedbox. Make sure to choose the best seedbox provider to enjoy the best torrenting experience.

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