7 Emerging Commercial Real Estate Designs: 2017

Designing great spaces for commercial properties can be challenging as there’re lots of requirement at play altogether. The space has to be cost-effective, functional, appealing to clients and visitors, provide efficient and real-time operational workspace. With this, one must move along to the constantly changing trends. For a workspace to appear current and modern, business owners do want the interior to compliment with the current design trends.

Commercial properties with an outdated décor give the impression that business isn’t up-to-date which is rather pessimistic especially if you’re operating in a fast and developed economy. One Commercial real estate in Dubai also casted its vote in favour of the following popular designs. Check out a few quirky design trends to make a commercial space look more functional and appealing.

1. Deep & cool tones

Powerful yet cool tones inspired by nature are demanding and offer a great colour palette to choose from like neutral to purely calm. Grey with a tinge of green are a great option and you can easily contrast them with shades of beige and ivory for a perfect balancing. In case the space already looks too cool, you can throw some brightness and warmth with red or green pop.

2. Large geometric patterns are the rage

Patterns used in commercial properties a few years back were smaller but with the emerging design trends, large formations are the rage even in residential real estate. Softer shade herringbone or chevron that isn’t too overwhelming makes an interesting pattern that truly impresses all beholders. It also helps your commercial unit to stand out of the crowd with a distinct and appealing uniqueness!

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3. Going beyond the cost

When it comes to purchasing furniture for a commercial project such as an office building, cost is considered a major determinant. Although businesses don’t have unlimited budgets for furniture, there’s a shift towards quality and comfort.

Ergonomically designed furniture is preferred such as reclining chairs with adjustable head and arm rests, desk with standing height for perfect posture and eye view so on.

There has been an increased demand for high-quality furniture displayed in many offices and commercial properties made from materials like tempered glass and finest quality wood.

4. Commercial spaces: Neutral & sometimes bland

During the last few years, there’s an increased demand for “swankiness” with interior designs and one way to achieve this is adding quirky touches. Mismatched tiles may seem unlikely but the uniqueness can make a bold yet optimistic statement on all beholders.

5. Remember functionality

Functionality is crucial especially in commercial properties otherwise they would lose the very meaning of being “commercial”. Incorporating functional touches at unexpected places or versatile furniture is an excellent idea such as filing cabinets with hidden and slide-out seating, folding tables and chairs with drawer space so on.

6. Environmental impact into design

Many different businesses are adapting to the environment especially when it comes to design. You can do so as well with some new materials for instance photovoltaic glass in window production. The material is known to collect solar energy that if preserves and consumed strategically can power the entire commercial space.

Since this is the era of constant communication and increased interaction, a typical worker isn’t likely to remain isolated in a dark and closed cubicle. As a result, commercial spaces are taking on a more collaborative approach which involves altering the typical interior design layout, creating more open workspaces.

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However for most commercial properties, it’s either impractical or impossible to undergo full-scale transformation or refurbishment. Pay attention to the smaller changes such as throwing a new coat of paint or spreading a fresh furniture layout. It can be done conveniently without breaking the bank.

7. LED lighting

Replace those old illuminations with LED lights to create a more enticing, vibrant and activated workspaces. These can easily compliment to the different environments and are eco-friendly while throw an accent of clean space to the commercial interior.


Redefine your commercial properties with a touch of perfection and modernism through the above design trends.

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