Buy Modern Furniture and Leather Sofas Stores in Dubai

Leather sofas make for an amazing addition for your home. They add a dash of class and elegance to any room. However, it is important that your specific requirements prior to start shopping.

Here is a simple guide to help you know about leather upholstery purchase from modern furniture stores in Dubai:

Varieties Available in Dubai Market

Amateurs may not be able to distinguish between bonded and full grain leather sofas. However, there is a huge difference between the two (quality). Here are 4 major types you must be fully aware of when buying from leather sofas stores in Dubai:

Full Grain Leather

This is deemed as the strongest and highly durable type of leather found on the market. It makes for the softest and most beautiful sofa as it ages. However, it is not recommended for rough usage. It gets scratches very easily. All full-grain leather sofas are very expensive varieties Dubai has to offer. Hence, it is advisable to buy this variety only for occasional usage. It should also be kept away from sunlight.

Top Grain Leather

The top surface of this leather is sanded, buffed, and treated. It comes with a protective coating to ensure resistance from tough stains.

Split Leather

The surface of this leather is combined with laminated polyurethane which imparts a plastic feel. This is not as durable as the above-listed types. Hence, it is cheaper. The sofa with this leather is easier to clean. Since surface is vulnerable to cracks, one must take special care while using.

Bonded Leather

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Upholstery created with bonded leather is 100% synthetically made. Manufacturers will add just 15-17% natural leather. The plastic will make it less breathable, uncomfortable to sit/lay on and highly prone to cracking. The best thing about these sofas is that they are highly affordable and repel stains well. Hence, these are ideal options for users with pets or young kids.

Construction Quality

This is one of the most important rules to follow. Before finalizing on the furniture, check the overall quality of construction. Regardless of how good or grand your sofa looks, it won’t last long without sturdy construction using high-quality heavy woods. Premium quality sofas are constructed using the best kiln-dried hardwood. The wood pieces are held together using industrial glue and nails. Kiln-drying will help wood get rid of excess moisture from the wood while allowing it to retain the desired shape and strength for a longer period of time.

Tips for Testing Construction Quality

You can do a few tests to check sofa frame quality:

  • Do not forget to ask the salesperson about the type of wood used in construction. Best hardwoods to go for are Ash, Birch, Oak, Maple, and Teak.
  • Move the sofa back and forth by holding the side. A strong well-constructed frame will not twist or wobble.
  • Try lifting up a corner of the sofa around fifteen cm off the ground. The sofa is strong if the other corner follows.
  • Sofas made from hardwood are very heavy. Try to lift the sofa alone. Buy it if it is very heavy. Lighter ones are sheer waste of money.
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To Sum Up

Keeping in mind the above-listed factors will help you to find the best leather sofa from one of the modern furniture stores in Dubai. Thorough research and little patience while shopping go a long way. Once you invest in the best piece of furniture (leather sofa) as per your specific budget and requirements, you can ensure a long-lasting addition to your home. Happy Shopping!

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