Holi 2021: Celebrating Festival of Colors in 2021

Holi festival is all about smearing each other with colors. It marks the end of darkness in life by welcoming the arrival of bright beautiful colors. Special sweets such as gujiyas and laddoos are also relished during the festival. Will Holi in March 2021 display the same enthusiasm? Will people indulge in merrymaking during this festival of colors? Do you think Holi this year will be different?

According to a recent survey, many want to sit back and read a good book with some coffee and snacks while others suggest a mug of hot chocolate and binge-watching some amazing movies on Netflix.

The coronavirus scare is still all around India and people are still feeling paranoid. Vaccination drive has started but the risk is still lurking around. Hence, it is recommended not to visit crowded places or be a part of a huge crowd in the name of Holi celebration. One must take all precautions such as wearing mask, using a sanitizer every 10 minutes and maintaining a safe distance from people around. This is the safest way to celebrate Holi. It is also advisable to refrain from having lavish and crowded Holi parties.

Do you know why Holi is celebrated? What is the significance of this festival? Is there a legend associated with it?

Significance of Holi Celebration

Holi is celebrated all over the country, especially in Northern parts of India. However, only a few know about its significance. Why is Holi celebrated?

Mythological Significance

Holi is a festival that gets all of us close to our religion. It also helps us connect with mythology of India. The festival also marks the commemoration of a large number of legends.

The foremost is the legend of Prahlad and Hiranyakshyap. It is the most popular legend associated with Holi. In fact, it is referred to as the essence of the festival. According to this legend, there once lived a fiend and powerful king named Hiranyakshyap. The king considered himself a God and commanded everyone to worship him. However, his son, Prahlad did not pay heed to this command and began to worship, Lord Vishnu. This irked the king and he decided to rid of his son. He asked his demoness sister Holika to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap (knowing that she had a boon to enter fire without getting burnt). Prahlad was saved for his extreme devotion towards Lord Vishnu and Holika burnt into ashes. To mark this event, people started the tradition of burning Holika. Radha Krishna Holi is a part of this legend.

Holi Radha Krishan

Holi is also celebrated for the famous legend of Radha and Lord Krishna. The Lord used to apply colour on Radha and other gopis with great enthusiasm. The prank played by the lord became a trend. It is now a part of the Holi festivities, known as Radha Krishna Holi.

Another mythology associated about Holi is the celebration of death of a monstress. Her name was Ogress Pootana. Legend has it that she tried to kill infant, Krishna. She tried hard to feed poisonous milk to the baby but was killed by his bite.

Another legend is from the Southern part of India. The festival commemorates the sacrifice of Kaamadeva (Lord of Passion) for saving the world. Kaamadeva risked his life to revoke Lord Shiva from deep meditation. In order to celebrate the sacrifice, people down south observe this festival of colors.

Best Gifts for the Occasion

Holi is a perfect occasion to send gifts and make your loved ones feel special. So why not look for some exciting gifts and make the festival memorable for them? Here are some ideal options to send Holi gifts to those you care:

1. Savory Sweets & Gujiyas

Well, undoubtedly, this is the best gift you can give on Holi. Go for a box of sweets and gujias. Made especially during Holi, it is a very popular gift item and you can show your love and affection with a freshly prepared box of Gujiyas. These can be ordered online or even your favorite shop.

2. Chocolates and Cookies

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Pack a cute box of chocolates and send it with some cool Holi wish. From Belgian chocolates to designer packages from Switzerland, there are many options to choose from. A pack of chocolates will make your recipient happier and the event memorable.

3. Apparels for Someone Special

Look for Holi sale online and send some cool cotton sarees or salwar kameez, and kurtas to your friends. The sale on amazon 2021 during this time will help you get some exciting options at great prices. The theme color for Holi is white. You can keep this in mind when buying apparels as gift. Kids love this festival more. You can get customized chikankari kurtas and suit sets for babies, toddlers and growing kids. It will be a special surprise for them.

4. Dry Fruits for Health Freaks

Dry fruits are definitely a superb option. These are healthy and loved by all. Available in a wide range of boxes, an embellished box of dry fruits will make a lasting impression on the recipient. You can get these packs online on various authentic stores or reputed sweet shops offline. There are also options to get these customized as per your requirements and budget. A dry fruit box or platter will make for an ideal Holi gifts option for health care junkies.

5. Holi Color Packets

Invest in organic Holi colors. These are appreciated by all. Colors are the symbol of Holi and depict the true spirit of the festival. Most of the color packets also come with special gift options for kids such as water balloons, spray bottles and machines etc. Organic colors are made by using natural elements such as dried flower petals, vegetables and indigo. These are absolutely safe to use and do not cause any harm to skin or hair. Most online stores sell organic Holi colors. You can research for the best and buy for your family and friends.

Enjoy Holiday on Holi

India enjoys a gazette holiday on Holi. So why not enjoy with family? Chill and enjoy Holi Holiday by watching movies on Netflix. Relish your favorite sweets and play with organic colors to preserve the spirit of this festival.

Send Happy Holi greetings 2021 to those settled abroad. You can do this via sending emails and virtual greeting cards. Prepare a special video message for your loved ones and send them on social media platforms.

Special Holi Quotes

Wish to surprise someone this Holi? Here are some unique Holi quotes you can send them to impress.

– “Dunked in hues of love and faith has come the bright festival of Holi.”

Dunked in hues of love and faith has come the bright festival of Holi.

– “Let the colors of Holi spread the message of peace and joy all around.”

Let the colors of Holi spread the message of peace and joy all around

– “Not sure when to propose your crush? Holi is the apt time to break the ice! So sprinkle some color into your love life!”

Not sure when to propose your crush? Holi is the apt time to break the ice! So sprinkle some color into your love life!

– “What’s more ideal time than Holi to renew relationships and be with those who love you with a bit of color.”

What’s more ideal time than Holi to renew relationships and be with those who love you with a bit of color.

– “The pious festival of Holi is here to fill positive colors in your life! Imbibe peace from white, passion from red, wit from yellow, growth from green, and love from pink.”

The pious festival of Holi is here to fill positive colors in your life! Imbibe peace from white, passion from red, wit from yellow, growth from green, and love from pink.

– “May this Holi add all beautiful colors in your life.”

May this Holi add all beautiful colors in your life.

Host a Virtual Holi Party

Holi parties are an integral part of the festival. This is the time when people gather in groups, drench themselves in colors, eat, drink and make merry. However, year 2021 will be different. Holi parties may not be organized amid corona pandemic.

The best thing to do is organize a virtual holi party. This means even if you celebrate the festival at home, don’t let go off the spirit of jollity. Simply organize your own fun filled virtual Holi party at home. This is possible by using some of the advanced devices that would help you add a dash of entertainment to the otherwise dull home parties.

Some of these gadgets include the following listed below:

– Smart Speakers
– Game Pad
– Smart Headband
– Smart TV
– Laptop
– Smart Phone

One or a combination of the above-listed gadgets will help you to host a successful and fun-filled party. You can enjoy a virtual Holi party with your colleagues, friends, relatives, and loved ones. Play songs, arrange for some exciting games, and wish each other from a distance to make the festival special and an event to remember forever!

In a Nutshell

Understanding the significance of the festival and knowing how to celebrate it will help you enjoy it more. Staying safe is the mantra for Holi this year. It is one’s responsibility to be safe and avoid risking others by maintaining social distance. Indulge in some relaxing activities with the family at home, send gifts, greetings, and sweets to loved ones and host a virtual Holi party. Make this festival memorable by adding some creativity.

Happy Holi!

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