Facebook confirms tests of a new warning against extremism


Facebook tests prompts that link users to the assistance and resources of anti-extremism, if the business thinks the user has known anybody on the road to extremism, or if the user is exposed themselves to extremist content, according to a CNN Business account.

An Facebook representative stated in a statement to The Verge that the test was part of the ‘bigger effort of the business to evaluate ways of providing resources and assistance to individuals on Facebook who have or are exposed to extremist content, or who might know someone at danger.’


Facebook claims it will continue to eliminate extremist contents that violate its standards, but even groups that it has actively attempted to start the platform have had problems tracking down and eliminating such contents. Facebook has long been the target of public criticism and legislation, since many individuals claim that its algorithms separate people and drive them toward extremist views.

Facebook states that the tests are part of its “Redirect Initiative” which in many countries, “helps to tackle violent extremism and harmful groups.” The software (as its name indicates) sends users to education sites instead of to more nasty information according to its web website. It also claims that the test is part of the Christchurch Action Call and identifies people who may have viewed extremist content and users who have previously been targeted by Facebook.


The trial connections to services to assist someone intervene if a loved one joins a violent extremist organisation or movement is worrying. On the Facebook support page entitled “What can I do to prevent radicalisation,” Facebook refers to ExitUSA Life After Hatred, which Facebook tells users to “find a path out of hate and violence.” The assistance website also provides suggestions on becoming involved with someone who is seeking to quit a hate organisation.


Facebook has been having problems with extremism for a long time as other platforms have, and although it is wonderful that it’s attempting to fight them, it feels some of its efforts should have been made long ago. This is the true with many types of poor online behaviour, because many platforms still try to get hold of individuals who harass women or exhibit other toxic behaviours.

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