3 Reasons Why Google Alerts Is Not Enough For Monitoring Your Brand

Do you prefer using Google Alerts when it comes to managing your online reputation or monitoring your brand? If it’s yes, then we would suggest using some other tools alongside with Google Alerts.

It is quite unfortunate to state that Google Alerts is not enough if you are thinking about brand monitoring or online reputation repair.

People like and prefer Google Alerts for a few great reasons.

  • Google Alerts is free to use. You don’t have to pay a single buck for using this tool.
  • Google Alerts is easy to access. Just put down your keywords, brand name, email address, and you can set your alerts easily.
  • Google Alerts comes with multiple options. You can filter your searches based on location, languages, interests, and much more.
  • Google Alerts allows you to select a proper alert frequency. You can set up more than one alert for your mentions.

Despite having so many advantages, Google Alerts fail to be the best tool in the online marketplace. For startups or small-scale businesses, the tool can be an appropriate choice. But for better growth and better business opportunities, you must look for other alternatives while sticking to Google Alerts.

Keep reading the article and find the specific reasons that compel users to choose other alternatives for Google Alerts.

3 Reasons why Google Alerts is not a great tool for businesses

1. It says no to monitoring social media: Google Alerts might be efficient in monitoring websites and brand mentions but it lacks social media monitoring. This is one biggest drawback associated with this tool.

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Social media is getting more and more popular nowadays. People stay more on social media than on other platforms. Even if you talk about reviews and feedback, social media generate more views compared to other sites. Hence, monitoring social media is substantial. This will give businesses an idea about the customers’ interests, their behavior, along with the performance of their brands.

Be it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, brands take leverage of these channels to promote their products or services. They even throw different programs and marketing campaigns to improve their online performance.

Unfortunately, with Google Alerts you can’t get the option to monitor your social media activities. These include replying to customer raised complaints, have complete product research, analyze the business graph, check out the engagement, etc.

2. It is not integrated with media monitoring: Google Alerts not only refuses to monitor social media; it shows its back for media monitoring as well. Brands are recently using media files to generate viewers, build high engagement, cultivate quality leads, and boosting conversions.

According to the latest marketing strategy, visual elements like videos, images, GIFs, etc. can generate more numbers of viewers and customers. It is proved that media have the potential to convert a maximum of viewers into potential customers.

Don’t you want to learn about your customer engagement? Don’t you want to know the performance metrics of media in your business? Unfortunately, you can’t if you are using Google Alerts. Any media file broadcasted is likely to be tracked using this tool. Think twice before you use it.

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3. It lacks analytics: The worst thing about this Google Alerts is it doesn’t include analytics features. To understand the website performance, to visualize the business graph, scrutinizing the performance metrics is substantial. This is known as analytics.

Analyzing every marketing effort online you can come into a business conclusion. You can understand what exactly your business needs to improve its performance. You can get an insight into your customer behavior and also into your brand products or services. You can determine how people are reacting to your brand and what more can you do to boost their strength.

Lacking analytics you remain unaware of almost everything related to your business. Measuring your media statistics, customer data, and public relations is beyond imagination. Therefore, Google Alerts can longer be considered as the best tool for brand monitoring.

Google Alerts is no longer efficient

Google Alerts is efficient only when you are heading to monitor brand mentions, competitor sites, keywords, and industry trends. Anyone interested in monitoring social mentions, finding analytics, and great customer support will return empty-handed.

In the recent past, Google has itself declared that the tool is broken and is no longer a good choice for businesses. It works well only for the small-scale agencies and the newbies. Hence, the evolution of multiple alternatives.

Some prominent alternatives to Google Alerts include Mentions, Brandwatch, Talkwalker Alerts, and much more.

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