How Can I Easily Pay Online?

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. For years, more than 15% of Jeddah have indulged in an online purchase from time to time. Most often it was a book, a trip, or a concert ticket. But lately more and more Jeddah are window shopping online KSA. And the latest surveys show that more than half of our compatriots shop on the Internet.

No wonder, shopping online is both very quick and very easy. In addition, by paying with a Visa credit card, you benefit from many additional advantages.

Everywhere, at no additional cost

In a hurry to know more? Discover all the advantages offered by a premium plus Visa credit card!

Shop from your comfortable armchair. No need to look for a parking space or wait for a changing room to become available. The lines at the cash desk? You can forget about them too. In fact, online orders are made and paid for in the blink of an eye. And it doesn’t matter if it’s an overseas Internet store, because your Visa credit card is accepted worldwide.

In addition, you benefit from a deferral of payment on all your purchases, up to one month free. Is the purchase amount over your spending limit? You can request to increase it temporarily or permanently. Your banking agent will be happy to assist you in this matter.

To conclude, you can track all you’re online spending yourself on your smartphone, tablet or computer. So you always have an overview of what you bought online.


Using your Visa credit card and card reader, you pay with just a few clicks. Make sure you are on a secure site. You can recognize it by the ‘https’ displayed at the beginning in the address bar.

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Thanks to 3D-Secure, you make payments in complete security. You sign your purchase with an ‘electronic signature’ using a unique code generated by your card reader (just like in-home banking). You should therefore not enter your details on a site that you barely know. Thus, we are certain that it is you who made the payment; and nobody else.

Did you notice something strange about your purchase on your monthly statement? Or has your card been stolen? Please note: Card Stop will always ask for your account number. Always have it available when you call.

Good protection with the Visa premium plus credit card

Do you regularly shop online? Then opt for the Visa premium plus credit card. It offers you many additional advantages. Indeed, under certain conditions, all online shoppers who shop with a premium plus Visa credit card automatically benefit from standard purchase protection. Are you not satisfied? The item received does not meet your expectations? Has your purchase been stolen or damaged? No problem!

1. Are you not satisfied with your purchase?

Is your new purchase not right for you? Too small, too big or the wrong color? Start of course by contacting the supplier for an exchange or a refund. What happens if he does not want to take the article back?

If you paid for the item with your Visa premium plus credit card, the purchase price (or part of it) is simply refunded to you. Up to 90 days after purchase, you still benefit from this satisfaction guarantee.

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2. Did you not receive what you were promised?

The item that was delivered to you does not match the description? Let the supplier know that you are not happy and demand a new copy or a refund. But what if the supplier doesn’t want to refund you or wants to charge you for the shipping costs for the new copy?

If you paid for the item with your Visa premium plus credit card, the purchase price (or part of it) is simply refunded to you. Or you don’t have to pay for the cost of sending a replacement item. Up to 90 days after purchase, you are protected in the event of a wrong delivery or defective item.

3. An accident? Flight?

An accident quickly occurred. Your new purchase has been damaged or stolen. You tell yourself there’s nothing you can do and buy a new one. You report to the police and hope the item will be found.

If you paid for the item with your Visa premium plus credit card, you are simply refunded the purchase price of the stolen item and the cost of repairing a defective item. Up to 90 days after purchase, you are entitled to this purchase protection.

And much more…

With a Visa premium plus credit card, your online purchases are optimally protected. But there are still many other advantages.

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