OgyMogy Employee Monitoring App: A Digital Whistleblower

Small the business, lesser the issues. Soon as the business begins to grow, issues with the employees grow alongside. Well, issues refer to a series of incidents that can harm the business. They may include cheating, theft, harassment, fraud and so many other things. Further, some organizations may call it defiance of policy or simply misconduct.

Employers spend a lot of time to set up a business. When an employee puts the business on stake, it hurts the employer. Indeed, every employer wishes to protect their concern and keep it smooth. Further, most of the damaging issues reveal when they have done the damage. Employers do not have any information when they begin.

Well, several researches suggest that employees cheat because of the employer. That would be right, even there are plenty of examples scattered all around. However, why do employees sell the intellectual property of the organization where they are working? Even why some employees tend to come up the ranks with fraudulent reports?

There might be a study on these issues as well, but the problem is, how employers should be aware of them?

Certainly, employers need a whistleblower that can keep them posted on every red flag.

Get a Digital Whistleblower:

The very first thing that employers should get is digital whistleblowers. They need something like OgyMogy, an employee monitoring app.

Employee monitoring apps bring the employers out of the dark. Well, we are not talking about the statistics reporting apps, like those in the enterprise resource programs. They are indeed a good option, but they cannot do what apps like OgyMogy can do.

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What OgyMogy Can Do?

OgyMogy has several features to help the employers know there is something suspicious going around in the organization. OgyMogy tells which employee is talking to an employee of a rival company. Along with that, it also tells what they are talking about. Employers can easily listen to their call without letting them know. Just like that, there are plenty of other features that the employers can take benefit of.

Let us bring you the latest case where an employee was trying to deceive the management. During these pandemic days, some organizations are open to supporting the healthcare industry. In one of the organization, an employee appeared to be coming earlier and staying for extra hours. In the month-end, she asked the payroll department that she did not get paid for the extra time she spent in the office. The management showed her the footage taken from an employee monitoring app that she came on time and left on time. Along with that, the time tracking software was tempered and she was entering the time of her choice.

Well, if that organization did not have an Employee Monitoring App, they would not have been able to track that employee. This can also happen in your organization. Someone might tamper the time stamp machine and ask for staying extra hours in the office.

There are red flags almost every day in the business world!

Keenly Supervise Employees:

A study suggests that fraudulent activities and theft takes place in businesses where monitoring and supervision are lacking. Not every employee needs to have a reason to steal. Most of the employees are against corruption and they even suggest their colleagues perform honestly. However, honesty is not appreciated by everyone. Further, some employees even steal for a reason.

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Well, in some way or another the business suffers without monitoring. So instead of risking all your effort, why not make a little investment in monitoring.

The conventional monitoring without OgyMogy may still leave loopholes and provide a chance to the cheating employees. A principal benefit of OgyMogy is that it works continuously. That means if the employer is not in his office it will keep on monitoring.

Ahead of that, the employees in habit of stealing from the office may even find a chance if the employer does not come to the office. Even if they know they are being monitored, they may still attempt to take advantage of the employer’s absence. Well, to cope with that situation, OgyMogy is available not only on computers but also on mobile phones. Employers will get updates on the alarming situation on their cell phones.

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