The Chopta Chandrashila Tungnath Trek

Chandrashila implies Moonrock. Chandrashila trek is the adventure to the stature of around 4000 meters over the ocean level. Changrashila is with the staggering perspective on the Himalayas, particularly Nandadevi, Trishul, Kedar Peak, Bandarpunch and Chaukhamba tops. There are numerous legends about the spot. One such is that Lord Rama reflected here in the wake of vanquishing the Demon King Ravana. Another such legend story is that the moon god Chandra invested energy here in repentance. The excellence of this trekking area is extraordinary with its noteworthy vantage point offering a 360-degree all-encompassing perspective on the compelling Himalayas.

Step by step instructions to Reach Chandrashila Trek from Dehradun:

Via Air

Dehradun brings the nearest to our base area with the air terminal Jolly Grant. Dehradun is connected to every one of the states and cities with a day by day departure from Delhi.

Via Train

  • From Delhi – DDN NZM AC EXPRESS (2205)
  • From Kolkata – Doon Express (13009)
  • From Mumbai – Dehradun Express (19019)
  • From Chennai – Dehradun express (12687)

By Road

Dehradun is associated by streets the nation over with NH 72 interfacing areas like Panchkula, Chandigarh, and Shimla. There are adequate Local and private transports to Dehradun.

Chopta Trek Itinerary:

Day 1

We should be at Dehradun by 6.00 am We go through Devaprayag, the juncture of two compelling waterways Alakananda and Bhagirathi to shape stream Ganga. The whole voyage is Picturesque as we transverse the mountainside with a stream streaming beneath till we reach Sari. It is a lofty tough curve on the edge back of the mountain. Prepare for a great view tested by the intensely precarious ascension. As we move up and up, the town territories evaporate from locating.

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Day 2

Today we will observe the little places of worship in the greenery with the bit of red and yellow banners tied on them. The post we cross the woodland line, we will be guided upon a rising way towards Rohini Bugyal and Chopta. Tough will take you to the knoll with a group of hovels of the Shepherds from neighboring towns. Close by the town, you will discover a street heading into the wilderness. Here we are at the Chopta town our present night stay campground.

Day 3

The day begins early morning in obscurity to encounter the excellent dawn from Tunganath top. We stroll on the path from Chopta to the town. There will be different hallowed places in transit, of which a specific sanctuary with a flagpole is outstanding. This one comes after the tenth curve of the street and imprints the opening of an impressive perspective on Chandrashila up ahead. From here, you will likewise get an unmistakable vision of an associating top to Chandrashila. This one is named Ravanshila. The first twist denotes the passage to Tunganath and barely any more minutes of a stroll ahead we have arrived at the 360-degree perspective on the Garhwal and Kumaon mountains. Prominent tops in this scene of loftiness are—Nanda Devi, Trishul, Nandaghunti, Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, and Kedar. Looks at the Thalaysagar and Gangotri go too could be made out at the edges. The declining venture is generally less tedious and smoother. It will take you around 3 hours to move down to the Chopta campground.

Day 4

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Chopta additionally has a couple of private visitor lodges. Board your jeeps from here for a drive back to Rishikesh. You will reach Rishikesh somewhere in the range of 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm.

Things To Carry

Trekking gear: How would you be able to envision trekking without a lively and open to trekking gear? Go for good quality, yet oppose the sparkling front line trekking toys. Great trekking gear is the main thing that should ring a bell while pressing for a trek.

Water Bottle: Carrying a water bottle is an absolute necessity. At the point when you are trekking, your body gets dried out however most occasions because of the cold or cool temperature, you don’t understand you are perspiring. In this way, do continue tasting on the water to keep your body hydrated.

Crunching every once in a while: You can chomp on dry natural products, chocolates, vitality bars come convenient and are anything but difficult to expend.

Torchlight or Flashlight: First-time trekkers regularly neglect to convey a light as they don’t understand the significance of having a light or spotlight. It is a lifeline when you are trekking around the evening time. Thus, remember to convey a light!

Sunscreen, Sunblocks, and Lipbalms: This can be overlooked effectively as there are such huge numbers of different things to stress while going on a trek. Do pack the sunscreen to shield yourself from the UV beams and keeping in mind that trekking and voyaging.

Therapeutic Kit or First-guide Kit: You should know about the way that there’ll be no restorative assistance in the mountains while trekking. In this way, you should be set up for any unanticipated conditions.

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